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Speaking from the Heart Coaching Modules

Speakers coaching by Getrude Matshe

Speaking from the heart and how to land your first TED talk …



The innovative video course that enables you to improve and upgrade your speaking.


Authenticity TED Talk Masterclass

The innovative video course that enables you to improve and upgrade your speaking.

34 videos (Seven hours) I’ve handcrafted, based on my 20 years of experience.

  • Module One – Preface, understand, decide, and execute
  • Module Two – How to get laser focused on your unique story
  • Module Three – How to compose and perfect your speech
  • Module Four – How to get a catchy title for your speech
  • Module Six – Understand what TEDx and event promoters are searching for
  • Module Seven – Apply and secure your talk
  • Module Eight – How to present your speech
  • Module Nine – How to share your talk online
Bonus 1
  1. How to overcome self-doubt
  2. How to position yourself as an expert
  3. How to become an expert on your idea
  4. Ways to amplify your credibility and visibility
Bonus 2
  •       How to obtain your first paid speaking opportunity
    • Hot Tips and concepts to break into the speaker business
    • How to go from the first speech to a full time speaker
    • How to succeed as a speaker from the outset
    • How to monopolize your speaking market
    • How to reach event organizers and get booked
    • How to obtain college speaking opportunities and set your fee
    • How to set your speaking compensation for corporate gigs
 FREE 30 minutes session with me once you have gone through the homework I will give all of you



Additional tools and resources for speakers looking to maximise their potential.


✔ Authenticity TED Talk Masterclass
34 videos (Seven hours) I’ve handcrafted, based on my 20+ years of experience.

✔ Audio Download
Authenticity TED Talk Masterclass Course Material in audio format (Seven hours).
✔ Masterclass Workbook
Take the guesswork out of your development with this accompanying workbook.
✔ Masterclass Assessments
Grade and improve your training as you journey through the course.
✔ Masterclass Q&A Videos
These Q&A videos (30mins of content) are a collection of what I thought were some great questions from my live Authenticity TED Talk Masterclasses around the world.
✔ Feedback from Getrude
Send me your (up to 30min) delivery for bespoke advice and coaching.
✔ Ask Getrude
Submit five Authenticity TED Talk questions and I will reply with a personalised response.


✔ Bonus Video Course
Access to ‘How to write a book in 40 Hours’ Course (3hrs of content) –  10 Easy Steps to publish your book on Amazon and Kindle, Personal Branding session plus your book cover designed.

✔ Bonus Video Course

Access to ‘Speaking from the Heart’ Course (3hrs of content) –  10 Tips to help you create an authentic heart to heart connection with your audience

Bonus Video Course
Access to ‘Listening To The Soul’ Course (3hrs of content) –  How to be emphatic and restoring the best parts of our humanity through your speech.
✔ Bonus Video Course
Access to the Gold Standard Series ‘Personal Branding’, ‘Ubuntu Leadership Wisdom’ & ‘Building Tribes’ courses (over 3hrs of content).
✔ Bonus Mini-Course
Unpacking my Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes (3hrs of content) to assist your development.
✔ My Personal Questions & Rules
Seven PDF resources to assist you as a speaker.
✔ Authenticity TED Talk Vol. 1
Collection of 40 audio tips from my experience in Authenticity TED Talk.
✔ Ubuntu Leadership Insider
Collection of 60 Audio tips from my experience in leadership.
✔ Masterclass Community
Lifetime access to a unique forum of like-minded speakers.



Clear Path Consulting (CPC)

$14 997.00

  •  CPC engages and guides event marketers, authors, speakers, coaches and high-performance service professionals to double their profits (4-6 months) WITHOUT spending a dollar more on marketing or advertising costs.
  • Following your “Clear Path” makes it probable, not just possible.
  • You will have a Chief Operating Officer mentoring you to achieve that goal


CPC’s mission is to fulfill 3 specific business needs for accepted clients:

  • (1) More CERTAINTY on how to maximize their own client lifetime values
  • (2) More SIGNIFICANCE recognized by industry leaders
  • (3) More GROWTH with no additional advertising costs


CPC is rooted in 17+ years of expertise to fulfill its promise to double profits without

additional marketing costs by optimizing:

(1) Curriculum Design

(2) Content Repurposing

(3) High-End Sales

(4) Captivating Presentations

(5) Irresistible Offer Design

Deliverables – 4-6 months

Process 1 – Assessments + Intakes to prep for Deep Dive (2-3 hours)

– Where are you now?

– What are your blind spots?

– Where do you want to go?

Process 2 – Deep Dive diagnosis meetings (Two 3.5 hour Zoom meetings)

– Who is your target Market?

– How are you going to get there?

– What strategies shall we follow?

Process 3 – Access to optimized “done-for-you” marketing funnels

– Why you should never outsource your marketing; teach you about Google ads, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads first because:-

  • No one is going to care about your product
  • No one is going to have as much knowledge as you are going to have
  • No one is going to know what to do from the start as much as you’re going to do

So if you learn how to do it, and you sustain it now you scale it by bringing someone in house, not outside agency, hiring them in house and only focusing on your stuff

Process 4 – Twelve recorded Zoom “huddles” with Getrude (45 mins)

Process 5 – Emergency “clarity calls” via mobile (Up to 7 in total)


Note: For option B and C If you achieve your goal after 4 or 6 months, we will rebate your $500 or $1000 for mentoring

Money back 30 day guarantee!!!