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Speaker Registration

Thank you for registering to speak at the HerStory Conference!

Here are 7 simple next steps for you to follow.


Please watch these two videos for they will answer most of your questions:

Welcome to the HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference
Would you like to be a chairperson and help organize an event in your city?


If you have not auditioned, please follow these instructions:
In preparation for your audition, please record and send a 2-minute video of you telling one of your stories.

Prerequisite for the video:

  • Say hello to everyone, say your full name, how old you are, where you are based in the world (country and city) then “This is my story…”
  • Please do not list your qualifications and credentials or talk about your profession
  • Please do not say how you help people or make it sound like a sales pitch
  • Do not mention that you have written a book
  • Just pick one story about yourself that you would like to share at the conference, a close personal story that other women can relate to and make them want to come to the conference.
  • Suck us into your story straightaway and do not waste time and beat about the bush.
  • REMEMBER you only have two minutes.
  • Say why you are participating in the HerStory conference

Here are some good examples for you to follow:

Send this ASAP as we are now ready to use the videos for marketing and promoting the events globally. Send to and put “HerStory Audition Video” in the subject line.


Book your interview:
Please pick a time from my schedule HERE

This is the link for the video interview on Zoom:


Then please send us the following:

  • 50-word biography
  • 1000-word article about yourself for the HerStory Magazine, the theme of the magazine is “Making the Impossible Possible” so pick one story in your life where you achieved this.
  • Please send 3 or 4 photos of yourself, a professional headshot, plus photos with family, walking, jogging, or exercising (Whatever you do for recreation) or speaking in front of a crowd or running a workshop.
  • We want to portray a holistic view of you are as a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife, widow, daughter, etc.
  • Send to and put “HerStory Article” in the subject line


Book here to have your 15-20 minute podcast on the HerStory TV

Here is the Zoom link for the interview:


Please select a speaking date and time slot based on your location:


If you have any questions, please email with “HerStory Questions” in the subject line.

Thank you again for helping us bring this dream alive, without you this conference would not happen!

Find out more about the conference HERE