HerStory Online Summit Dates 1st – 31st March 2021


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New Zealand
1st March 2021 – https://bit.ly/34HaqNh
2nd March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/3hmMtQr
3rd March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/3ppXiE3
4th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/3nRMJJF

NSW Australia
5th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2KDQkN1
6th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/3mTdGLy
7th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/34M1mXq

QLD Australia
8th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/38xFRuw
9th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2MbnvrK
10th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2KtMAhb

VIC Australia
11th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/3hjySsY
12th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/3hmQ019
13th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/3px8L4Z

QLD Australia
14th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2LZVzqz
15th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/37OR4Yk
16th March 2021 –     https://bit.ly/38Bwha6

UK – London
17th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/3rzddC6
18th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/3rylmGy
19th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/2M55XgJ

Europe – Switzerland
20th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/2KGyxov
21st March 2021 – https://bit.ly/3rxVgnp

Africa/ Zimbabwe
22nd March 2021 – https://bit.ly/2JnE1nx

USA/Canada Eastern
23rd March 2021 – https://bit.ly/37Pk7Lq
24th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/3mVScxz
25th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/3mSdo7Z

USA/Canada Central
26th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2Jnf4sl
27th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2M6S2Xz
28th March 2021 – https://bit.ly/38GTx6m

USA/Canada Pacific
29th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2WPJGWl
30th March 2021 –  https://bit.ly/2L29sE7
31st March 2021 – https://bit.ly/38AvZQJ

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We are inviting women from all over the World to rise up and use their voices to share, inspire, ignite ideas to affect real change for the lives of women and children.


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50+ Virtual Sessions
100 Virtual Workshops


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Participate as a speaker and contribute your story and message to our social impact projects.


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First truly empowering Global Women’s Social Impact Movement bringing together thought leaders and changemakers with a shared vision to uplift, inspire and empower.
You leave with clear action steps.

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