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Passion as the compass along the path to joy by Anikó Ball



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Dr Anikó Ball
B.D.Sc.(Melb), Dip. Clin. Hypnosis Adv. Dip. Alexander Studies
Founder Optimum Dental Posture Practising in general dentistry, periodontics and dental sleep medicine for over thirty years, Anikó suffered frequent neck, back and shoulder pain. Doctors and physical therapists offered short-term symptom relief without  identifying her condition as work related.

Eventually Anikó was helped by the Inner Ergonomic principles of the Alexander Technique. She recognized and changed harmful work-postures, learned about biomechanical design and got well. With the intention of saving her colleagues from suffering, Anikó undertook a
1600-hour training course at the Melbourne Alexander School and founded Optimum Dental Posture. Anikó’s mission is to reduce the incidence of occupational chronic pain in dentistry. She has been a presenter at ADA Congresses and CPD courses.

She runs 2-day ‘Ergonomics & Wellness in Dentistry’ Workshops and In- practice Team Training Programs around Australia and New Zealand. She has collaborated in a pilot study, at the Melbourne University Dental School, “Improving oral health students’ physical and mental wellbeing”, to show the benefits of Inner Ergonomics training. Her vision is to introduce this  at the undergraduate level as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of occupational musculoskeletal disorders.


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