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Katy Rey is co-founder of Humans First Coaching and Consulting, founder of the non-profit Fostering Hearts FL, and host of Tampa Bay based podcast, Not A Great Whisperer. She has been a leader in the Sales and Marketing Industry for over 15 years and has worked with a wide range of technology conglomerates and forerunners. Maintaining cultures, solidifying and scaling processes during company growth or developmental periods is her passion and fueled by a people over everything mindset. She avidly prepares individuals for professional and personal growth leading them to an overall better quality of life.

Katy’s vigor and enthusiasm presents itself in her interactions with others and speaking engagements. She unites herself with all different organizations to empower one another to live life authentically by owning their stories and not being defined by labels. After experiencing multiple labels in her life that include child of divorce, daughter of a homosexual man, felon, college graduate, spouse, infertile female, professional, mother of 3, wife of recovering addict, and survivor of infidelity she chose to maintain an unstoppable attitude and overcame the challenges in her path. She continues to dedicate herself to helping humans in any season of life and help them achieve their life goals as a woman, mother, business owner, non-profit founder, speaker, and coach.


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