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Lynn Pasi

Written by HerStory

December 4, 2020

Motivational Speaker and Author

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Lynn Pasi

Lynn Pasi is an inspirational speaker who has an infectious smile described as a caring, passionate & fruitful person. She is known to be a woman who inspires all ages & has a brain full of ancient wisdom. She is warm, nurturing & passionate about seeing others succeed which always counts towards her greatest achievements in life. Her biggest strength is being an amazing communicator & she thrives well working full-time in a corporate role & part-time running her coaching communication & life skills business as an entrepreneur. Lynn immigrated to New Zealand in 2003 then Australia in 2018. Lynn believes in people finding their purpose in life calling it Home.

Her book is an inspirational memoir of her journey from losing all her family in Zimbabwe during the Aids pandemic and immigrating to New Zealand and finally settling in Australia. Lynn’s ability to pick herself up and rebuild her life is inspiring as she is now thriving as a single mother nurturing her two beautiful children alone.  The resilience she built in the formative years of her life has helped her bounce back when life knocks her down and transmuted her pain into power! 


“This is a fast-paced, inspirational memoir that leaves you feeling empowered, uplifted, and inspired. I keep wondering what the next chapters of Lynn’s life will be like, and look forward to reading more.” ~ Getrude Matshe, Founder and Global Curator of the HerStory Circle

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