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Help us raise $50 000 to develop the MVP for the DiversityConnector App. and $50 000 for marketing and PR DiversityConnector - Helping people to build confidence & conquer public speaking ● Advance Your Career in less time with clear, confident communication ● Smash High School or University Presentations & look like an EXPERT no matter what you're talking about ● Craft your winning signature speech and get on the Ted platform or secure corporate speaking opportunities ● Overcome Speech Anxiety, allowing you to meet new people, build stronger relationships, and open doors


How much would you like to donate? As a contributor to HerStory we make sure your donation goes directly to supporting our cause. We invite you to join the campaign and be part of the HerStory Movement raising $100,000, to develop the Speech Practice Application that connects our community. We are looking for people to collaborate who have a passion for women's empowerment and diversity and inclusion. Getrude Matshe won the 2021 Australia/New Zealand Women in Tech awards. ● Watch Getrude Matshe, the Visionary and Global Curator of the HerStory Circle movement as she describes the vision and mission behind this project. ● Here is a brief video of the app we are developing ● ● Will you join the Campaign and invest in changing the future of women with us? ● Changing lives, one woman at a time, one story at a time!

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