Mazivisa Primary School - Shurugwi, Zimbabwe

The Mazivisa Primary School is located in a village in the midlands district of Zimbabwe called Shurugwi. This project was initiated in 2004. When Getrude Matshe moved to Wellington, New Zealand, and decided to reach back to her country of birth and help sponsor children from her community. The Africa Thrive foundation has sponsored well over 500 children in the past 15 years. Prior to COVID-19, taking people on trips to Zimbabwe to fund and support her philanthropic efforts. Now, with the advent of this pandemic. It has been challenging to get help through, but we continue to raise money for school fees, medication, and our feeding program. Our biggest challenge right now is to raise funds to build a library and the first health clinic in this community. Although we managed to sink a borehole, we now need a solar powered submersible pump, so that the school access to clean drinking water. We also want to tend to the vegetable gardens that we have started. The vegetables grown will be used for the feeding program. FOR MORE INFORMATION


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