I had the honour to be invited to speak at the #TEDxAuckland event on the 16th November 2019, this was my third TED talk on the Ubuntu philosophy and my second TEDx event this year. #TEDxOneoanta in upstate New York took place on the 16th September 2019. This has made me realise that my idea is truly worth spreading.

I invested in getting some coaching to really get clear what my idea worth spreading was all about. You see the TED platform looks for inspiring people to share their stories, their ideas, inventions and creativity from a very unique perspective. I have decided to use these speaking opportunities to share Ubuntu from multiple perspectives.

So when you are preparing for a TED talk, these are a few things you need to think about:-

1.  What is your proposed idea?

2. Why does this idea matter to you?

3. Why are you passionate about it?

4. How is this a new idea?

5. What is the proposed title of the talk?

6. What are the implications of your idea?

7. What will or will not happen if people do not know about your idea?

8. how will it impact the world?

9. What is your call to action?

10 .How has the nominee impacted the world?

11.  Why are you the right person to speak on this topic?

12. What do you want the audience’s initial take away to be?

13. How will your talk impact the audience?

14. Your favorite TEDx talk and why?

15. What do you hope to learn out of the TEDx speaking experience?

16. Why is a TED talk the right platform for you to share your idea?


Do you dream to be a TED speaker?

Contact me getrude@herstorycircle.com #HerStoryConference #TEDx


Here are my three TEDx talks