HerStory is a series of global women’s empowerment conferences bringing
connection, collaboration and positive change around the world

Ready to create positive changes in your life
and up your impact in the world?

Come join us at the HerStory Women’s empowerment conference in Auckland. A one-day conference filled with empowerment, inspiration, connection and collaboration.

This will be a powerful day filling your tank, connecting with like minded women and gaining inspiration to make positive changes in your life and the wider world.

20+ amazing women speakers will share their stories. Real stories. Impactful stories. Powerful stories. Transformational stories.

Stories of overcoming, stories of resilience, stories of creating dreams, stories of achieving the impossible, stories of unlikely heroines making a difference in the world.

It is a day not to be missed!

Benefits of Attending:

  • Be inspired, get empowered and motivated to create a bigger impact in the world, no matter where you are at in your life right now
  • Meet and connect with like-minded women. Make meaningful connections and set up powerful collaborations
  • Expand what is possible to create in your life, whatever circumstances you are in now
  • Take time out for yourself. Recharge, fill your tanks and expand your mind


A conference to bring women together on “Making the Impossible Possible”

Your ticket includes:

  • A full access pass to the HerStory Women’s Empowerment Conference Auckland on Saturday 29th February (Conference runs from 8am – 8pm)
  • Be inspired by the 20+ amazing women speakers that will share their impactful stories
  • Attend powerful workshops throughout the day to get practical tools and strategies that can create real change in your life
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch and a grazing table dinner
  • Delight in a juicy gift bag that every attendee will receive
  • Plus so much more!


The HerStory conference in Auckland is part of the global HerStory movement which was created by Getrude Matshe and aims to open up the scene for a meeting of minds, global collaboration, co-creation to growth, empowerment and change.



When:   Saturday 29th February 2020
Time:   8am – 8pm
Where:   Events on Kyber, Grafton, Auckland
Includes:   Lunch and grazing dinner, a selection of powerful workshops and a goodie bag
Tickets:   Just $89 NZD

Spaces are limited so grab your tickets today



Cath Vincent

TV Host | Award-Winning Speaker

Building a creative venue and recording studio from a condemned methamphetamine lab – motivational speaker Cath Vincent with her musician husband wondered if they’d bitten off more than they could chew. Hear the highs and lows of their 3 year-struggle, captured in a humorous and heart-felt 15-minute burst.

Cat Coluccio

International Speaker | Best Selling Author | MC

Are you living your life in 3D? Do you have a dream that you are wanting to bring to life?  Then you need to protect it from the “3 Ds” – the 3 negative voices that can rob you of your success.  In her talk, Cat will show you how to overcome these 3 voices and discover the 4th “D” which can make all the difference to living your life “ON-purpose.”

Diana Thomson

International Speaker | Author | Speaking Coach

“Let Your Voice Be Heard” Live a more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life by having your voice heard – whether that’s in your professional life, business or with your family and friends.  Diana will share with you how we can help women speak up to lead, participate and promote in their families, communities or workplace.

Steffi August

Accountability Coach | Author

Prepare yourself for positivity – the Steffi August way. Steffi, also known as the “Pocket Rocket” will show you how you can overcome anything when your mindset becomes “mind flex”. This is an opportunity to challenge your current thinking about life, to be inspired and to embrace new possibilities.

Cherisse Druett

Transformational Life Coach | NLP Practitioner | Energy Healer

Cherisse learnt to thrive following C-PTSD and childhood trauma. She will be sharing insights learnt through her life experiences about overcoming adversities by turning your deepest pain into your greatest gifts so you can fully step into your power and create the life you truly envision.

Sarah Linton

Personal Leadership Coach | Writer | Trainer & Facilitator

Having strived for & succeeded in corporate international executive roles, a dark side of her career was impacted by 3 I’s – Imposter syndrome, Infertility & Suppressed Introversion With a deep love for Souls, Sarah shares touch points that follow a few steps from her Bedroom to the Boardroom in her Heels to Healed interlude. Sarah now partners leaders in life to align and shine – To Discover – To Nourish & To Thrive living their best story.

Kim Baird

Award Winning Author | Transformational Coach & Healer | Entrepreneur

“How to Create the Impossible in Your Life”  Kim is passionate about showing people that more is possible than we think.  We have the power to create our lives, no matter our current circumstances and we are more capable of creating greatness in our lives than we would ever imagine.  Kim will be sharing her powerful experiences of overcoming insurmountable odds to create the impossible and will give you some practical tips so you can start doing it too.

Brenda James

Team Development Specialist | Speaker | Author

“A SEED OF HOPE” By the end of 2008, Brenda was drunk, alone, broke and distraught and just wanted to end it all. With a seed of hope she dug deep and embarked on a long and courageous journey of self-discovery, sobriety and now lives with a renewed zest for life. The 2020 version of Brenda you see today is a confident, well-respected woman who can navigate her way through both the complexities and joys of life with ease; and has an inspiring story to share.

Maria Masterantonio

Business Women | Mother | Storyteller

Maria is a daughter, mother, sister, friend, colleague, business woman, home maker, ex wife and storyteller. She is a woman of spirit, tenacity and has a zest for life, she’s resilient yet had many moments of self-sabotage and gut-wrenching hopelessness. She is like many of us. This is HerStory.

Monica Moore

Professional Speaker | Author | Coach

Known as ‘The Personal Evolutionist’, Monica will share her story of overcoming indecision and how she learned to rewrite the script of her life on her terms.  She combines her unique knowledge and experience in education, theatre and business to present 15 minutes of life insights mixed with laughter and an uplifting energy.

Kath Cooper

Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

“My Year of No Spending.”  Kath will discuss her experience of a no-spending year. Motivated by a pre-Christmas spurge of spending and identifying that she couldn’t articulate what she actually wanted for Christmas, she started to consider that she might have enough. As she pondered this concept, she drafted a set of rules to live by for a year. Kath presents the honest and raw experience of this year of no spending, the challenges, the successes and the motivation, how it affected her relationship with her family, and money in general, and the long-term impact of this year without.

Kelly Munford

Survivor | Lover of Life | Overcomer

“Kelly’s Journey” Kelly had a life threatening car crash in 2011. She was in a wheelchair for an entire year and had to re-learn to walk again. On top of this she had to battle with an eating disorder for 7 years.  In her talk, Kelly will be sharing her journey through this time and will share how, thanks to her friend letting her stay with him, she was able to “just get on with it to live the life of her dreams“

Joanne Webb

Podcast Host | Self Love Advocate | Single Mother of 4

Joanne talks openly about receiving all types of abuse from the man who vowed to love her.  Finding self-love, worth and inner peace in the most unlikely of circumstances and living life after a toxic relationship.  Jo believes in lifting women up so they thrive and not just survive.

Linda Rugg

Keynote Speaker | Workshop Facilitator

Through many years of studying and researching people’s life stories, Linda has noticed that a lot of people do not get the most out of life. In her talk, she will be speaking about how so many people are fed up, knowing there is so much more to life but they don’t know how to attain it. Instead of just inspiration, Linda will be giving real life strategies that you can use to immediately implement change in your life.

Clare Williamson

Success Coach | Biohacker | Author and Mum!

“Why Emotional Trauma is Your Next Biohack”  From survivor to recovered survivor!  Clare will share her story and show you how your brain is keeping you playing small and how to biohack your success with the power of perspective.

Tania Carr

Entrepreneur | Business Owner | Coach | Mum and Grandmother

For most of her adult life Tania has tried to portray a level of perfection and control. She wanted people to perceive her the way she wanted them to. She has spent her career building credibility in executive roles, however after having more children, it was important to her to build a successful business that would work around her young, growing family. Utilising the platform she has created, she is on a mission to speak her truth, and to encourage and empower other women to share their stories also, to help break the vicious cycle of abuse and to keep our kids safe.

Hester Massop

Veterinarian | Veterinary Acupuncturist | Wife & Free Spirit

Aside from enjoying working with animals, Hester loves to empower women (and men) to reach their full potential. Through the years, having had many good, bad, ugly and wonderful relationships with men who together with society shaped how she as a woman had to think and behave related to sex. She now wants to break free and has found that many women would love to get a different take on what sex means. Let’s talk sex. R18+

Frida Kabo

LifeSpider Coach | Possibility Explorer

“When nothing is certain, anything is possible” – Frida lives to create freedom and explore what is possible, for herself, her family and her clients.  She had checked all the boxes of what she thought she needed to be happy and soon realised she needed to find her own way and started looking for the answers.  The journey has taken her all the way from Sweden to New Zealand.

Kim Knight

Authentic Self Coach | Emotional Intelligence Trainer

What does success and happiness mean to you? Is it a fancy car, nice home, millions of dollars in the bank?  Or a happy marriage, kids, friends…?  Or something else completely?  What happens when everything you know to be true is stripped away completely, forcing you to re-evaluate your whole life?  In her presentation, Kim will share her experience of ‘awakening’ to a new reality and paradigm through a mental breakdown, (aka ‘mental breakthrough’) and the ensuing years of transformation of consciousness which led her to perceive a completely new meaning and purpose to human life.

Michelle Keating

Workshop Consultant

Attending a kikki.K Happiness workshop gave Michelle the courage to follow her own path, which led her to presenting the very workshops that started her journey to living a life she loves. She now helps others tap into their dreams so they can and live their best life too.

Francesca Hosking

Professional Speaker | Trainer

“My Mountain”  During a time when life was stale and cluttered, Francesca embarked on the toughest emotional and physical challenge of her life so far.  She set out to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Come and hear how she journeyed through her emotional detox to end up standing at the top of Africa.


Getrude Matshe
HerStory Global Women’s Empowerment Founder

Kirsty Salisbury
Speaker, Podcaster, Coach and Our MC

Amanda Betts
Keynote Speaker

Amy McAuley
Keynote Speaker


As well as the amazing speakers that you can hear on the day, there is also a selection of powerful workshops available.  These are small group workshop with only 10 spaces in each workshop.  You will be able to register for which workshops you want to attend after you have purchased your ticket.  The workshop spaces are on a first in, first served basis.  So make sure you grab your tickets to the conference so you don’t miss out on the workshops you want to attend!

Click on a workshop image to view the details


One of the HerStory values is around creating positive change in this world, that is why we are so excited to announce that when you buy a ticket to the conference you are not only going to be getting massive value from the day, but you are also giving back to the wider New Zealand community.

Eat My Lunch is providing lunch and grazing platters for dinner at the conference! If you don’t know who Eat My Lunch is, they do incredible work and provide lunches to kiwi kids who are living in poverty around New Zealand when you buy off them.

Which means that not only do you get a delicious lunch and scrumptious grazing platters to enjoy on the day, but you are also giving a couple of lunches to kids in need around New Zealand. How cool is that!

We are big believers in giving back and that is why we have used Eat My Lunch to cater the event.


A massive thank you to our generous event partners that have helped to make this day possible.



When:   Saturday 29th February 2020
Time:   8am – 8pm
Where:   Events on Kyber, Grafton, Auckland
Includes:   Lunch and grazing dinner, a selection of powerful workshops and a goodie bag
Tickets:   Just $89 NZD

Spaces are limited so grab your tickets today