Empowerment Conference 2020 

Where women from all over the world will gather to connect, collaborate, inspire and empower around the theme of “Ubuntu”.

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About Us

The HerStory Women’s Global  Empowerment Circle is a organization founded in New Zealand as a grassroot movement facilitating and bringing women together to share not only personal experiences but innovation, creative, business and philanthropic sustainable solutions to the social, economic, environmental and personal issues affecting women internationally.

Getrude Matshe-Kanicki

Global Curator and Founder of the HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference
Wellington, New Zealand

Creating safe listening circles of friendship and sisterhood.

The conference aims to open up the scene for a meeting of minds, global collaboration, co-creation to growth, empowerment and change.


1000 locations

around the world



at each event


one million WOMEN


About Conference


If you are a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or niece, a social leader, an social entrepreneur, an executive who focuses on social responsibility, a teacher, or an activist with a passion to create positive impact, a sustainability practitioner and share you story in order to teach, heal and empower in the process – you belong to our tribe.


For two days we will have inspiring heartfelt sharing’s of women’s stories covering all aspects of our lives, from family and relationships, health and wellness, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, violence against women and children to interactive and educational workshops. You can express yourself through speaking, dance and movement or singing. You will be mentored and coached to speak and prepare for your presentations by highly-experienced personal development and empowerment coaches.

You need to know

The HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conferences will take place in 1000 locations around the world.

Event tickets for speakers include:
Lunches and a cocktail party, teas, coffees and waters.

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Prerequisite for the video:- 1. Say hello to everyone, say your full name, how old you are, where you are based (country and city) then "This is my story..........." Just pick one story about yourself that you would like to share at the conference, a close personal story that other people can relate. Suck us into your story straight way. REMEMBER you only have two minutes. See the example below
Please note: In the creativity section you can dance, sing,recite a poem, paint a picture

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